Rectangular LED Marker Lamp Amber Poison Spyder – 41-04-203

Rectangular LED Marker Lamp Amber. This rectangular LED Marker Lamp is the solution for those who need to run a combination marker lamp and turn signal in the same unit. This may be necessary on Jeeps where the OE turn signals and/or marker lamps were removed in order to install aftermarket armored fenders such as Poison Spyder DeFenders. Unlike our 3/4 inch Round LED Marker Lamp, these are a 3-wire lamp which can perform two separate functions (minor and majoror typically, marker lamp and turn signal)
For those needing a combination marker lamp/turn signal to satisfy local legal requirements, the small rectangular shape makes this lamp the ideal size to mount along the outer edge of the Poison Spyder DeFender.

Installation requires simply drilling a 3/8 inch hole, thoroughly cleaning the mounting surface, peeling back the adhesive cover, pushing the wires through the hole then firmly pressing to set the adhesive, then making the wiring connections.

Note that this is a surface-mount lamp. If mounting on the outer edge of the Poison Spyder DeFenders, it may serve to satisfy local DMV/DOT requirements, however it will be mounted in a vulnerable spot if your Jeep is wheeled hard in tight situations. DeFenders are designed as trail armor, and are intended to be rubbed along the rocks, trees, etc., which would of course damage this lamp if mounted along the outer surface. The lamp may be mounted in more protected areas by either drilling a hole or fabricating a simple mounting bracket, at the installers discretion.
Features and Benefits
Lamps operate in minor and major output levels; major function activated by the brake function or turn signal
Major function is 3 times brighter than minor function (amber)
Red Major function is 7 times brighter than minor function
Provides marker/clearance solution that requires no mounting brackets or installation screws
Lamps adhere directly to application surface through use of heavy-duty adhesive backing
Electronics are completely sealed in epoxy to resist damage caused by moisture and corrosion
Easy-to-install peel-off liner
Rear exit wire version requires a 3/8 inch mounting hole, and self-seals hole upon installation

  • Polycarbonate Lens
  • Over-Molded Housing
  • Encapsulated Circuitry
  • 20 Gauge Wire

Light Source

  • 3 Light Emitting Diodes (LED)
  • Designed at 13.5v
  • (Minor)0.004A – 0.015A
  • (Major)0.048A – 0.068A