Prodigy Performance Unlocked PCM ECM Dodge Chrysler Jeep 15-present Wrangler Prodigy Performance – PRO-PCMU

With a Prodigy unlocked PCM, you can write custom tunes to your stock vehicle even if you don’t have an aftermarket power adder like a Prodigy Turbo Kit. You can use any tuner on the market and install canned tunes that come with a tuner, or have a tuning expert write a custom tune for your vehicle.

These are genuine Chrysler PCMs that can be installed in as little as 10 minutes with nothing more than a wrench!

An unlocked PCM is required to tune all Dodge, Chrysler or Jeeps from 2015 to current, including the JL. Jeep locked all PCM’s which prohibit the vehicle from accepting a custom tune.

We provide an unlocked PCM which allows you to write the Prodigy custom turbo tune to complete the installation.

Please provide PCM and Calibration ID. See Pictures for more information.
You can purchase an unlocked PCM from Prodigy in the following three ways:

  1. Provide Prodigy with VIN number of vehicle (picture required). We ship unlocked PCM to you(You Keep your original PCM)
  2. Provide Prodigy with VIN number of vehicle (picture required). We ship unlocked PCM to you. Then when you send back your stock PCM and we credit your account
  3. Send your PCM to Prodigy, we unlock it and return to you ready to accept custom tuning


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