Prodigy Performance Jeep Wrangler Turbo Kit 2018-Pres Wranger JL 3.6 Liter Stage 2 Prodigy Performance – PRO-3002

Not only will our tune support more power than any other performance modification on the market, we also take great pride in our unmatched power delivery, driveability, and reliability that comes standard with each tune.

The end result is the ultimate Jeep driving experience, that can only be found in a Prodigy Performance Turbo Jeep!
JK VS JL Turbo Kit The big difference comes down to the incredible 8 speed auto transmission. Due to the 8 speeds of the transmission the JL Jeep performs even better than we ever expected. Virtually zero lag, as it is able to easily position the Jeep in the correct gear at all times because it has 8 forward gear speeds compared to the JK’s 5.

The engine is also equipped with VTEC! That’s right, not only does the 3.6 Pentastar engine have variable valve timing, but it now has variable valve lift!

This is your Lack of Power Solution. Prodigy Performance is the Leader in Performance Power Adders. We have been building Jeep Wrangler Turbo Kits for 10 plus years and currently hold all the World Records for Horsepower and Torque.

Our Jeep Wrangler turbo kit includes a quality Precision turbocharger that is capable of producing up to 700hp. This system utilizes a Precision Turbo wastegate to precisely control boost levels, give you low turbo lag and fast spool times. All of the tubing is 304 stainless steel, CNC mandrel bent and TIG welded in a jig fixture. This ensures a proper fit every time.


  • Prodigy 3.6 liter Stage 2 Kit
  • Automatic/Manual
  • Most Powerful Forced Induction Kit on the Market for Jeep Wranglers
  • Add 154 RWHP that’s an Increase of more than 63 percent RWHP over stock!
  • Add 153 FTLBS Tprque that’s an Increase of over 75 percent RWTQ over stock!
  • 12 Month Warranty

Prodigy takes pride in using only the highest quality parts available. This system installs in about 12 hours. Prodigy turbo systems are complete, Everything is Included. Power, Performance, and Reliability. Go Big Go Turbo!


  • Modified PCM is included
  • Not for Sale or Legal in California
  • Premium 91 or greater fuel is required
  • Please ensure you have the Proper gear ratio for your vehicle’s tire set-up to maximize your kits potential
  • Included in Kit:
  • Precision Turbocharger
  • Down Pipe
  • Passenger Feed Pipe
  • Cross Over Pipe
  • Extension Pipe w/cat converter
  • Main Turbo Pipe
  • Turbo Bolt Assembly
  • Exhaust Bolt Assembly
  • Turbo Blanket
  • HP Tuner MVPI2
  • Prodigy Performance Custom Tune
  • Turbo Drain Assembly
  • Turbo Feed Assembly
  • Oil Source Assembly
  • 6 Matched Flow Fuel Injectors
  • MAP Sensor
  • MAP Sensor Adaptor
  • O2 Extenders
  • Tial Wastegate
  • Clamps for wastegate
  • Tial Blowoff Valve
  • 90 degree Pipe welded to BOV flange
  • Coolant Recovery Tank Assembly
  • Intercooler
  • Fully Banded Hose Clamps
  • Transmission Line Mounting Bracket Assembly
  • Air Filter Assembly
  • Heater Hose Assembly
  • Hose and Oil Pan Assembly
  • Boost Check Valve and Hose Assembly
  • PCV-Air Filter Hose Assembly
  • Power Steering Hose Assembly
  • AT Hose Assembly (auto only)


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