JK RockBrawler Rear Bumper Poison Spyder – 17-61-010

JK RockBrawler Rear Bumper for Jeep Wrangler JK 2007-2016.

  • Low profile faceted design for high clearance of trail obstacles; recessed back-up light buckets for 2.5 inch LED lamps (sold separately)
  • CNC laser-cut, precision brake-formed 3/16 plate steel construction
  • Allows use of the factory or aftermarket tow hitch
  • Notch/step allows clearance for spare tires on Stock or aftermarket body-mounted carriers

Multi-Faceted Design
The RockBrawler Rear Bumpers high clearance, multi-faceted design provides the best possible departure angles and corner obstacle clearance. Its appearance is streamlined and sexy, Not like the squarish, boxy shape of many other bumpers on the market. The RockBrawler is constructed of CNC laser cut, brake-formed 3/16 inch plate steel. The multiple bends and facets actually lend even more strength to the bumper design.

Unlike the Poison Spyder BFH Rear Bumper for JK, the RockBrawler Rear Bumper can be mounted without cutting or altering the Jeep frame rails.
Recessed Back-Up Lamps
Very few JK rear bumpers come with provisions for mounting backup lamps. Of those that do, fewer still allow the use of high intensity, low power drawing LED lamps. The RockBrawler Rear Bumper recessed light buckets accept 2.5 inch Round, Clear LED Lamps, the same backup lamps we have sold with our Crusher Corners.

The recessed buckets protect them from the rocks and direct light rearward rather than into the bumper interior, the way some competitor bracket-mounted lamps do. Customers may choose to wire them into the reverse light circuit, or wire them to a separate dash switch as a loading or utility light. Important: Note that the LED Lamps do Not come with this bumper, they must be purchased separately.
Works with Existing Equipment
The RockBrawler Rear Bumper is designed to work with your existing OE tow hitch. Unlike the integrated hitches found on competitor’s bumpers, the OE hitch is designed for and safely rated for towing. And best of all, its easily removable. So those who need a sturdy hitch for towing can still use the Stock one, while those who need the extra clearance for hard core off-roading can easily remove it.

The RockBrawler Rear Bumper has a built-in step/recess to provide easy access to the rear of the Jeep as well as clearance for the spare tire. This bumper may be used with the Stock spare tire carrier and up to a 35 inch tire. For those looking for a complete bumper/tire carrier system, check out the RockBrawler Rear Bumper with Tire Carrier.
Rock Solid Mounting
The JK RockBrawler Rear Bumper incorporates an extra set of mounting bolts, along the bottom of the bumper which fasten into the rear crossmember. Combined with the mounting flange bolts at either side, the bumper is rigidly fastened by a total of 8 Grade 8 bolts, on three different planes to provide ultimate strength and rigidity to the mounted bumper.
Recovery Shackle Tabs
The optional Heavy Duty Recovery Shackle Tabs are CNC machined from 1 inch thick steel billet, specifically designed to accept our heavy duty 3/4 inch Recovery Shackles.

These tabs are designed to match the high clearance aspects of the rest of the bumper and minimized hang-ups. Selecting this option will get you a pair of these tabs, expertly welded to the RockBrawler Rear Bumper.
This product ships as bare steel. It will need to be painted or powdercoated prior to final installation. We do Not offer a powdercoat option for this item.