JK Brawler MID Front Bumper Brawler Bar Tabs Black Poison Spyder – 17-63-010-DBTP1

JK Brawler Mid Front Bumper Brawler Bar Tabs Black for Jeep Wrangler JK 2007-2016. The Brawler Mid front bumper for JK is a Mid-width, high clearance bumper designed to combine off-road performance with Full features. This bumper is fabricated from 3/16 inch plate steel, CNC laser-cut and precision brake-formed into a low profile, high clearance design.

The ends of the bumper extend farther outboard than our Brawler Lite bumper, to about half the width of the tires. This provides increased brush protection for the grille corners and fenders, and gives the Jeep a more expeditionary look than our more rock-crawling specific bumpers. This product ships as bare steel it will need to be painted or powdercoated prior to final installation. We do Not offer a powdercoat option for this item.

  • SpyderShell Armor Coat finish with 5-Year Warranty
  • Mid-width, multi-faceted design protects lower grille and extends halfway across the front of the tires
  • CNC laser cut from 3/16 plate steel, precision brake-formed for a perfect fit
  • Recessed light buckets accept OE fog lamps or Rigid Industries Duallys by use of adapter plate (sold separately)
  • Brawler Bar made of 1.5 X .120 wall DOM tubing with 1.25 OD X .120 wall DOM tube gussets

This bumper is fabricated from 3/16 inch plate steel, CNC laser-cut and precision brake-formed into a low profile, high clearance design. The ends of the bumper extend far enough to protect the lower corner of the JK grille, but Not far enough to hinder tire clearance or tire access to vertical obstacles.
Brawler Bar
(This part number is for the Brawler Mid without any Brawler Bar. Click Here for the Brawler Mid with Brawler Bar). The Brawler Bar is modeled after the bar found on our original RockBrawler front bumper. It is a low-profile stinger designed to provide protection to the winch, grille and radiator area. The Brawler Bar is made of CNC laser-Notched, NC-bent 1 3/4 inch diameter .120 inch wall DOM tubing. The complex laser-cut Notch allows the Brawler Bar to be welded to two different planes on the surface of the bumper, providing incredible strength. Two gusset styles are offered for strengthening the Brawler Bar. CNC laser-cut brake-formed 3/16 inch plate steel or CNC laser Notched DOM tubing.

Note: Warn PowerPlant winches are Not a direct-fit with the DOM Tube gussets (they may be installed with some minor modifications by the installer).
Easy Installation
Unlike the Poison Spyder BFH series bumpers for JK, the Brawler Mid can be mounted without cutting or altering the Jeep frame rails. The faceted design of the Brawler Mid provides the best ground clearance and approach angle possible in a bumper that does not require frame modifications. The factory Crash Bar may be left intact or removed for a sleek appearance and high clearance. If keeping the crash bar, we recommend adding the Brawler Mid Skid Plate (sold separately), which conceals the crash bar and protects the electronic sway bar disconnect.
Recessed Fog Lamp Mounts
Brawler Mid comes with provisions for re-mounting your factory fog lamps. These consist of recessed fog lamp buckets that are made of CNC laser cut DOM tubing with a mounting flange designed to accept the mounting hardware of the Stock lamps. The recess and all-steel buckets help protect the lamps from the rocks. For those who do Not have the Stock fog lamps, or would like to upgrade to more powerful LED lamps, Poison Spyder offers a unique LED Fog Lamp Mounting Kit for installing a pair of Rigid Industries Dually LED lamps in the fog lamp locations.
Important: The Stock fog lamps used on the Jeep Wrangler 10th Anniversary Rubicon do Not fit into the fog lamp buckets on this bumper. If installing this bumper on a 10th Anniversary Rubicon, we suggest using a pair of Rigid Industries Dually or Dually D2 LED lamps along with our JK Dually Fog Lamp Mounts instead of the Stock fog lamps.
Winch Compatibility
The Brawler Mid bumper is designed to accept Most Warn winches, and winches from other manufacturers that conform to Warn Standardized winch mounting dimensions. The winch sits in a slight depression on the top surface of the bumper, with plenty of CNC laser cut plate steel gusseting inside the bumper shell, directly underneath the winch to provide maximum strength.

The Winch Fairlead Mount is sold separately, so that those who wish to Not run a winch are left with a clean looking, unobstructed top surface on their bumper. Important: installing the Warn Zeon winch on the Brawler Mid Front Bumper requires Two sets of our Zeon Winch Spacer Plates (p/n 45-57-010-03, sold separately).
Recovery Shackle Tabs
Optional Recovery Shackle Tabs are modeled after the high clearance tabs designed for our hard core BFH series bumpers. These tabs are angle to provide maximum approach angle. They are CNC machined from 1 inch thick steel billet, specifically designed to accept our heavy duty 3/4 inch Recovery Shackles. Selecting this option will get you a pair of these tabs, expertly welded to the Brawler Mid bumper.
Optional Brawler Mid Skid
The optional Brawler Mid Skid attaches to the bottom of the Brawler Mid bumper to conceal and protect the Stock crash bar, plus it has an extension to protect the electronic swaybar disconnect motor found on Rubicon JKs.

The skid is made of CNC laser-cut 3/16 inch plate steel, precision brake-formed for a precise fit to the Brawler Mid front bumper.
A separate version of the Brawler Mid is available without the Brawler Bar. The Brawler Mid comes to you as bare steel, ready to accept paint or powdercoat in the color of your choice. A powdercoat option for this item is Not currently available directly through Poison Spyder.

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