JK Brawler FULL Width Rear Bumper Lights Tabs Poison Spyder – 17-62-040-DL

The Brawler Full Width Rear Bumper Lights Tabs for Jeep Wrangler JK 2007-2016 provides the highest ground and tire clearance possible in a Full width JK rear bumper. This bumper brings Poison Spyder form and function to the overlander market, and to those who would like to keep their Stock JK fender flares. The bumper extends to the Full width of the Stock flares, to integrate with them cleanly while protecting them from trail hazards.

This configuration includes high clearance recovery shackle tabs and a receiver hitch. Like all bumpers in the Brawler product line, the Full Width rear bumper is fabricated from 3/16 inch plate steel, CNC laser-cut and precision brake-formed into a low profile, high clearance design. This product ships as bare steel. It will need to be painted or powdercoated prior to final installation.

  • Full-width, multi-faceted design protects lower grille and extends to outer edge of Stock flares
  • CNC laser cut from 3/16 plate steel, precision brake-formed for a perfect fit
  • Recessed mounts for LED pod lights
  • Integrated high clearance hitch receiver

Full Width
Finally there is a Full Width front bumper that incorporates Poison Spyder attention to form and function, in an elegant package that integrates perfectly with the Stock Jeep or aftermarket Stock replacement fender flares. While this bumper was designed for those Jeep enthusiasts who prefer a more overland style and function to their Jeep build, or want to keep their factory flares, we could Not simply make a Full-width monstrosity like so many unsightly bumpers already on the market.

Even though it is Full width, and less likely to be used on the hard core rock trails, we still felt compelled to design it with maximum approach angle, ground clearance and tire clearance possible while still extending out to the Full width of the Stock flares to protect the corners of the Jeep.

The outriggers that extend to the edge of the flare are kept as tight to the original Brawler high clearance lines as possible, tapering outward toward the ends. This allows the best departure angles possible in a Full width rear bumper, minimizing the chances of hanging up as the rear tire comes off a rock or ledge. The outriggers are designed to integrate visually with the Stock fender flares, in a clean, almost factory look.
Bumper Plate Steel Construction
Every Brawler bumper starts out as a sheet of 3/16 inch plate steel. Our CNC laser cutter precisely cuts the flat pattern as designed in our 3D CAD system. Next the bumper parts are CNC brake-formed into the high clearance, multi-faceted pieces that will become a finished bumper. Highly skilled tradesmen weld each bumper together using precision-engineered assembly fixtures for a perfect fit. Finally the complete bumper is sent through our finishing department for final appearance surfacing and quality control checks.
Integrated Hitch Receiver
The integrated hitch receiver accepts Standard 2 inch hitches and recovery accessories. It is built in to the structure of the Brawler Full Width Rear Bumper in order to provide a higher clearance, tougher hitch that is there when you need it, but tucked up higher out of the way for better clearance and departure angles on the trail. Includes integrated safety chain loops.

Important: The integrated hitch receiver is Not rated for towing. It is intended as a recovery attachment point only.
Rock Solid Mounting
The JK Brawler Full Width Rear Bumper incorporates an extra set of mounting bolts, along the bottom of the bumper which fasten into the rear crossmember. Combined with the mounting flange bolts at either side, the bumper is rigidly fastened by a total of 8 Grade 8 bolts, on three different planes to provide ultimate strength and rigidity to the mounted bumper. The drivers side floating flange allows for safe, secure tightening to the Jeep frame rails regardless of manufacturing variances from the Jeep factory.
Recovery Shackle Tabs
The Heavy Duty Recovery Shackle Tabs are CNC machined from 1 inch thick steel billet, specifically designed to accept our Heavy Duty 3/4 inch Recovery Shackles. These tabs are designed to match the high clearance aspects of the rest of the bumper and minimized hang-ups. These Heavy Duty Recovery Shackle Tabs come as Standard equipment on the Brawler Full Width Rear Bumper.