JK BFH II Rear Crossmember Receiver Poison Spyder – 17-17-030

JK BFH II Rear Crossmember Receiver for Jeep Wrangler JK 2007-2016. By itself or used in conjunction with the JK BFH II Rear Bumper, this Built For the Hammers crossmember strengthens the Jeep JK Wrangler rear frame when trimmed for maximum ground clearance and departure angle. Includes a built-in hitch receiver (Not rated for towing).

  • Heavy Duty replacement for Stock crossmember
  • Works with BFH II Rear Bumpers
  • May by used by itself for minimalist bumper
  • CNC laser cut brake-formed 3/16 steel plate

Plate Steel Construction
The BFH II Rear Crossmember is CNC laser-cut from high strength 3/16 inch plate steel, then precision brake-formed for an exact fit. Dimpled lighting holes remove unnecessary weight while creating a custom look for those who choose to run the crossmember by itself without a rear bumper to cover it.
High Clearance and Departure Angle
The minimalist design of the JK BFH II Rear Bumper provides the Most ground/obstacle clearance and best departure angle possible while preserving the integrity of the Jeep JK frame strength. Installation requires trimming the bulky rear frame rails and Stock bumper mounts and welding in the new crossmember. A laser-cut steel template is provided to assist with making the right cuts.
Use By Itself or With BFH II Rear Bumper
The BFH II Rear Crossmember may be used by itself as an ultra-minimalist, high clearance rear bumper. But it is designed to be used with the Poison Spyder BFH II Rear Bumper.

The bumper fits over the crossmember like a glove. Together, this combination provides the frame-strengthening characteristics of the crossmember along with the aesthetics of the BFH II Rear Bumper. This specific part number for the crossmember includes the integrated hitch receiver, so it can only be used with the K BFH II Rear Bumper – Receiver – Tabs or K BFH II Rear Bumper – Receiver – Tabs – Lights. A different version of the BFH II Crossmember is available without the hitch receiver (p/n 17-17-010)
Integrated Hitch Receiver
This version of the JK BFH II Rear Crossmember is designed with an integrated hitch receiver as a convenient recovery attachment or tow point. The hitch receiver is constructed of Standard 2 inch square hitch receiver material and will accept Most hitch bars. Safety chain loops are provided behind the crossmember, tucked up out of the way of rocks.

Important: in order to preserve the lowest profile and maximum departure angle, the receiver tube is slightly shorter than Standard tow hitches. This may necessitate trimming of the end of some receiver bars. This also places the hitch pin into a non-Standard location for tow-rating. Because of this the hitch is Not technically rated for towing, even though its design is stronger than the factory tow hitch.

Notes: Installation requires cutting of Stock frame rails and welding! Please read through the Installation Instructions so that you are Fully aware of the modifications required to your Jeep frame rails, before purchasing.

This product ships as bare steel it will need to be painted after installation.