Safety Light U.F.O. Universal Flashing Object Smittybilt – L-1409

The Emergency Flare, UFO (Universal Flashing Object) is the easiest and safest emergency flare to use period. Traditional incendiary flares can cause accidental fires and once ignited cannot be simply turned off. The UFO is safe and comes with a lanyard loop that can allow the UFO to be hung as an indicator while on the trail. One of the key features of this UFO is the magnetic backing which allows it to be mounted on any metal surface. Count on the UFO rain or shine with its Lithium 123A battery every time.
FEATURES: Visible up to a mile, Compact and highly visible, Strong magnetic back, Durable construction, Standard red LED, Waterproof, Emergency flashlight mode, High-capacity Lithium battery

EASY ON THE ENVIRONMENT: Replaces traditional flares that can cause accidental fires and harmful fumes. Government agencies and commercial fleets are moving away from incendiary flares because of fire, danger, pollution, and liability. POWER SOURCE: Powered by a high capacity CR123 lithium battery with a storage life of up to 1 year and a run time of up to 100 Hours. Storage temp: -400F to 2120F. Keep in your vehicle at all times.


  • Visible up to a mile
  • Compact and highly visible
  • Strong magnetic back
  • Durable construction
  • Standard red LED
  • Waterproof, Emergency flashlight mode
  • High-capacity lithium battery
  • Dimensions 1.5 Inch thick by 4.5 inches triangular