FBTT1-03 2016 Toyota Tacoma Front Bumper

2016+ Toyota Tacoma Front Bumper

FBTT1-03 2016+ Toyota Tacoma Front Bumper
The DV8 Offroad FBTT1-03 front bumper is designed to provide exceptional protection at a fraction of the weight of ordinary steel bumpers. Although these bumpers are made with 3/16? steel and 1/4? reinforcements throughout, DV8 shaves every pound possible off the bumper with strategic cutouts and mesh aluminum grills that can be removed and color matched to the vehicle. DV8 also integrates 2 LED light holes into the bumper for improved visibility and allows for a 3rd in the bull bar. This bumper has 2 shackle recovery points and is designed to accommodate up to a 12,500 lbs winch. The 3 piece design allows for easy replacement if one of the pieces is damaged in an accident and also provides the opportunity to swap out the end pieces for a different style i.e. baja, plate, high clearance etc. DV8 Offroad did not sacrifice style or functionality when making these bumpers modular. Every bumper uses razor thin adjoining edges to keep the full-size bumper look and brackets that extend from the bumper ends to the frame where necessary to provide excellent strength and rigidity. This bumper comes powder coated in a sand texture black finish. This finish can be left as is or can be sanded down and painted over to color match the bumper to the vehicle.
Key Features:
-Dimple dye bull bar
-Lighter than ordinary steel bumpers
-Every bit as rigid as a one piece bumper
-Cut outs for 2 LED Pod Lights (DV8 p/n B3CE16W4W)
-Cut out for one 30? LED Light Bar (DV8 p/n BS30E150W5W)
-Accommodates up to a 12,500 lbs winch
-2 Shackle recovery points
-Modular design allows for customization
-Sand texture powdercoat finish
-Mesh inserts can be color keyed to vehicle

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Weight 78 lbs